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Through your generous donation, MTMS will:

- Place more stumbling stones for individuals without relatives or necessary funds.

  We are currently planning to place stones in Greece, North Macedonia and France

- Organize events surrounding the city-wide clean-up campaigns.

  Such include commemoration events, lectures and events with educational institutions

- Purchase products and further assist local organizers with clean-ups across Europe

  Ranging from metal polish and the acquisition of permits and data concerning stones and individuals

- Create unique educational programs and materials concerning the Holocaust & minorities

  This entails educational posts, educational in-person programs and cooperation with universities and various NGO's

- Much more!


NOTE: Since MTMS was founded with assistance from StandWithUs Netherlands, the organization's donation function is temporarily employed.

To donate to MTMS, please click the link. Then, under "project", choose MTMS.

100% of donation funds are allocated to MTMS operations. Thank you!

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