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Contribute by Donation

Through your generous donation, you are fuelling 
Make Their Memory Shine with the power to


Place more stumbling stones for individuals without relatives or necessary funds.

We are currently planning to place stones in Greece, North Macedonia and France


Organize events surrounding the city-wide clean-up campaigns.

Including commemoration events, lectures and events with educational institutions.


Create unique educational programs and materials.

This entails educational posts, educational in-person programs and cooperation with universities and various NGO's.

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Purchase products and further assist local organizers with clean-ups across Europe.

Ranging from metal polish and the acquisition of permits and data concerning stones and individuals.

Please Note: Since MTMS was founded with assistance from StandWithUs Netherlands, the organization's donation function is temporarily employed.

To donate to MTMS, please click the link. Then, under "project", choose MTMS.

100% of donation funds are allocated to MTMS operations. Thank you!

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