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Combating ignorance and bringing education to the Streets. We organise clean-ups where all cultures bond and create links whilst cleaning all Stolpersteine in a specific city.


MTMS cooperates with organisations, local governments and schools to organise unique and unique events throughout Europe about the Holocaust, its memory and its challenges for the new generations.


Through #MTMS's social media, we publish our findings as to highlight all aspects of the Holocaust in various cities and circumstances to avoid the simplifications of history. No stone left uncleaned and no stone left unturned.



Throughout Europe, MTMS organizes city-wide clean-ups in which the goal is to clean the totality of Stones. Moreover, we plan on educating by placing volunteers of different origins and experiences in varying clean-up groups that follow specific paths. On the way, and afterwards, the volunteers get to enjoy many interaction and educational possibilities. Stumble into stories and people while cleaning, or, exchange ideas and contacts after the cleaning once volunteers meet up for commemoration and conversations!



MTMS works with all types of organisations and groups dedicated to the preservation of memory and willing to work towards education in a progressive and pro-active way. This education consists of tolerance, Jewish identity, the Holocaust and the identities of other minorities and groups. This education serves to build an inclusive and tolerant society by reflecting on the past and the present to construct the future of European societies.



MTMS strives to connect, but also innovate and contribute to in-depth Holocaust research. In particular, the story of the Holocaust in each city and administration is unique and should be shared as to combat a singular viewpoint or understanding of the Holocaust. It did not start in gas chambers, but hate started in the very streets of our homes and comfort. For this reason, we work with a dedicated volunteer group in charge of researching their city’s Holocaust story. This is published digestibly on social media and our website as to connection with young generations.

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